Hector Rail signs a full-service provision contract with mgw Service

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Hector Rail and mgw Service signed a five-year full-service provision contract. The two parties will be collaborating to deliver a comprehensive maintenance strategy for Hector Rail’s growing modern fleet. Maintenance operations are due to start in January 2018. 

“Weare thrilled to have won this important contract. It demonstrates confidence in our growing and effective company and it reinforces mgw Service as a high-quality maintenance provider in Sweden. Through this successful partnership with Hector Rail, mgw Service will go on developing maintenance services that will continuously improve fleet performance and availability,” said Michaël Lautenbach, Managing Director of mgw Service.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to expand our relationship with mgw service. By working in partnership, I am convinced that we will further develop Hector Rail’s commitment to innovation by developing new, more efficient maintenance practices and facilities that, alongside our investment in 20 new Vectrons, will create a fleet of highly dependable modern locomotives,” said David Knowles, Managing Director of Hector Rail.

Going forwards, mgw Service will be responsible for the maintenance of Hector Rail’s growing modern fleet. This will include the Vectron 243, Taurus 242 and Traxx 241 as well as the ongoing maintenance of the 441 locomotives. Both parties will be working together closely to drive the reliability, availability and overall performance of these locomotives and ensure full coverage in all Hector Rail operating regions.

As Hector Rail continues to grow and invest in a new fleet, this partnership will take on even greater importance for both parties. (red/Hector Rail)

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