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Connected, accepted and profitable. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) plays an ever-increasing role for manufacturers, suppliers and users in the railway sector. From process optimization over cost reduction to service innovation — the industry is aware of the tremendous economic potential of IoT, big data and cloud solutions, and increasingly relies on connected products.

Our special issue deals with the topic of customercentered IoT solutions in detail. It quickly becomes clear that the challenge lies in identifying the multitude of possible use cases and selecting the most optimal one for one’s own company or product.

Investments are needed – especially small and medium- sized companies often shy away from the investments that go hand in hand with IoT projects. Other reasons are often high complexity, many partners, and a late return on investment.

Many risks can be significantly minimized – making the right approach and the right architectural decisions at an early stage is crucial. Not that easy after all, because the sooner investments are made and the more offensive companies get involved, the more risk-taking they have to bring.

Our maxim – start small but start!



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